Blyton Park circuit rules and Coronavirus regulations

On arrival you will notice we have “Park here” signs setup around the paddock, these are spaced to enable you to park your race car in the correct place to social distance. Please park your truck / van & trailer the other side of these signs on the grass AND NOT ANYWHERE ELSE, (If you are on the crop field side of the paddock please park as shown in the second photo, and obviously not in the farmers field!), this ensures we have the maximum gaps between customers to comply with the Corona Virus regulations.

Blyton Park here.png

Whilst on site you MUST practice safe social distancing measures, these include, but are not limited to…..Staying at least 2 metres away from each other, washing hands often, using the toilets in isolation (one person at a time, please wait in the courtyard away from the alleyway), no passengers or in car instruction unless from the same household, no sharing of race kit etc etc……You must follow the government guidelines and keep as safe as possible! The toilets have a cone to be moved with your foot to show Occupied and vacant.


Your event may or may not be having a formal briefing so these notes form that part of the day, make sure you read them all and if there’s anything you don’t understand please ask your event co-ordinator or a member of circuit staff to explain. You should have all filled in an indemnity form and emailed it back to your event organiser before arrival. For anyone that has not done so, you will have to ask for a form and fill it in before you will be allowed on track. For those events that need a wristband, there will be tables laid out in the area marked on the next photo, your name will be taped to the table in surname alphabetical order along with your wristband and a copy of these briefing notes. Please wait in a line at least 2 meters apart and approach the tables one at a time, take your wristband and the briefing notes and touch nothing else. DO NOT LEAN ON THE TABLES! (If the day is wet the tables will be placed in the big doorway of the big green building out of the rain).

Wristband collection.png

For on track activity

1, Helmets and seat belts must always be worn and fastened, arms and legs must be covered.


2, No handheld cameras or mobile phones in car please. Remove any loose objects from your car.


3, If sighting laps are being run, you will see the cars queuing up at the track entry point, join this line for sighting laps, whilst on those laps take notice of where the flag marshals are, they will be waving a yellow flag throughout the sighting laps.


4, Once the track activity is underway we use a traffic light system to let you know when the track is safe for you to join, you must wait for the light at the entry to the circuit to turn green for you to enter the track.


5, Remember this is a non-competitive fun event, no racing, no drifting, no timing. Please play nicely and give each other room.


6, Overtaking MUST be done on the right-hand side, on the straight and with consent from the car in front. This means between Twickers and Jochen, Lancaster and the Wriggler, the Wriggler and Bishops, Bishops and Bunga ONLY. The car in front must move left for you to overtake in these areas. If you are being overtaken, move left ease of the throttle and let the faster car past.


7, If you break down, pull off the circuit at as safe a place as possible, stay in your car and wait for assistance. Same if you have an accident, stay in your car (unless it is on fire) and await assistance.


8, Respect the flag signals around the circuit, Yellow = trouble ahead, slow down and be prepared to stop if the track is blocked, Red = major trouble ahead, slow right down, be prepared to stop if the track is blocked, make your way back to the paddock. Black = come into the paddock and report to race control, you may have something wrong with your car or driving standards that we need to discuss with you!

Blue = you are holding up cars behind, move left on the next straight and let the faster cars past, remember to check your mirrors before moving back on-line, there may be more than one car coming past! Black and White chequered = end of session, do one cool down lap back to the paddock.


9, Please keep your speed below 10mph on all areas of our site when not on the racetrack and use extreme caution around the paddock as there are pedestrians walking around.