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After participating in hundreds of Track Days between them, Paul West and David Johnson (the Founders of Trackday Solutions Ltd) kept thinking that a number of things could be done differently, more appealing, dare we say better!

Track Days are there to be enjoyed. A safe environment to push your car further than you can on the road, an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals who share the same passion for their cars, days to remember and importantly for us: accessible to everyone!

Since the companies creation we have successfully hosted track days for numerous UK Car Clubs and ran a number of Open Pit days where all are welcome – no matter what make and model of car you drive.

We don’t just stop at the best Track Day experiences, we go that step further.

The emphasis has always been on building a track day community, getting people together that share a passion. We work with one of the top media businesses in the UK, to create content with magazine features and give that added value that you don’t get elsewhere. We work with a number of suppliers and invite them to our days to talk about their latest offerings, to put you in front of the people who can help you make your vehicle as safe, fast, predictable as it can be.

Of course we provide free (and amazing) photos from each of our Track Days for all of you to enjoy.


David stepped down as Director in 2021 but continues to attend these days and now spends more time on track than behind a laptop or pit wall. You’ll no doubt see him on our days, so please stop, say hi and thank him for being a participant in creating something we are extremely proud of.


Today the company continues to grow, run by Paul West and his partner Bini, who share the same focus and determination: to host track days for individuals and clubs, to offer low number days at the best possible price, and to make them as much fun as you would expect.


Trackday Solutions Ltd, run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, where we focus on what you really need - Quality Track Time!


Please check out our Five Star reviews on Facebook and Google. Or better still, with a selection of dates planned throughout the year, come join us and make your own mind up!

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