Below you will find the answers to our frequently asked questions. If you have a question that isn't answered below, please contact us and we will be happy to help.


The day I wanted to book is sold out, can I be added to a reserve list?
Absolutely, please contact us and state which date and circuit you are interested in, we will add you to the reservation list.


Can I bring more than 1 car?
You can, but you would need to book 2 spaces, as each payment is per car – regardless if one is being used in AM and another in the PM.


How many additional drivers can I bring?
2 additional drivers is the maximum we allow you to bring, so 1 car and 3 drivers (including the main driver).


How old do you need to be to drive on track?
Under 18s can only participate as main drivers or an additional driver if they hold a valid race licence. Drivers under 18 must be approved prior to booking as we require assurances that the driver has the necessary experience to take part in a trackday for safety and insurance purposes. Provisional licence holders are not permitted. For more information please contact
Senior Race Licence Holder (Under 18) - You can take part in a trackday but you must produce your licence on the day. You can only take part in the vehicle that you race in and cannot carry a passenger unless it is an ARDS instructor that is Grade A or above. Anyone under 18 must have a parent/Legal guardian countersign their indemity form in order to be permitted out on track.
Junior Race Licence Holder (Under 16) - You can take part in a trackday provided you are using the vehicle you race in. Email us proof of your licence in advance of the event to You can only go out on circuit with an ARDS instructor who is grade A or above. We will also need to know who your instructor will be before the event. Anyone under 18 must have a parent/Legal guardian countersign their indemnity form in order to be permitted out on track.


Can I book a garage?
Yes - However garage availability depends on which track you are booking at. If you would like to book a garage then please contact us to check availability and prices.


I need to cancel the day I booked, what are my options?
If we have a reserve list, we will sell your space to another person and refund you minus the admin fee (see terms and conditions). If you sell the space yourself, we need confirmation of the person it has been transferred to (they will pay you, and we wont have a need to refund you) – see transfer of driver form.


Do I need to be an experienced driver?
Absolutely not, so long as you are aged 18 and over, and hold a full UK driving license then Trackday Solutions Ltd Trackdays are for you! No matter if it’s your first time on a track or you are a seasoned Track Day driver, we expect participants to respect each other both on and off track, irrelevant of their experience level.


Can I use any car?
Both street and non-street legal car are allowed to participate in our Track Days. Open wheelers, Super karts, SUVs and Electric vehicles are not allowed. 


Do I need to wear a helmet?
100% Yes! All occupants in the vehicle have to wear a helmet at all times while on track.
If you drive a car without a windscreen i.e. a Caterham type vehicle, then you must wear a full face helmet, open face helmets are allowed in closed cars.

What happens if I have an accident on track?
Depends on the accident - if it’s just a case of you forgot to visit the toilets before joining a live circuit, then you are on your own I’m afraid!
If however, you mean you've binned the car, or have a coming together with another participant... Then please note, that there is no liability between the participants. If you have a coming together with another vehicle on track, each participant has to cover their own damage. If you do not have insurance covering you for damage caused to your vehicle on a Trackday, that’s something you need to think about and discuss with your insurers as Trackday Solutions Ltd will not accept liability for this.



Do you run sessions or open pit lane format?
On all of our days, including the numerous Club Days we organise, it’s ALWAYS open pitlane! 
Basically you can enter and leave the track whenever you want. We recommend going out for no more than 15-20 minutes at a time, and make regular checks whilst in the pits of things like fluid levels, pad wear, tyre pressures, tyre condition, and equally as important - keep yourself hydrated. 



I have another question, where can I contact you?
We're always here to help. If you have a question that hasn't been answered above, then please feel free to use this form to contact us. Alternatively you can email us at or get in touch via our Facebook page.